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Top 7 things to do in Hoi An

Top 7 things to do in HOI AN


No one was surprised when Hoi An won the 29th World Travel Awards (Asia & Oceania) for "Asia's Leading Cultural City Destination 2022" in September. The lovely yellow town knocked over other finalists, such as Seoul (South Korea) and Kyoto (Japan), thanks to its rich history and diverse tourism options.

The UNESCO World Heritage site has been used as a port since the second century A.D. Its heyday was in the 16th century when it attracted merchants from all over the globe. It was a crossroads where native ways of life met those of people from other parts of the world, such as Europe, China, and Japan.

Visitors to Hoi An come for a variety of reasons, including the town's picturesque landscape, its beaches, and its accessibility to other attractions. Still, it is the town's cultural significance that ultimately leaves the most lasting effect. Hoi An is a destination that no history buff or art lover should skip.

Seven of the best things to do in Hoi An are listed here.


Walking the street's lanterns


In addition to its yellow structures, Hoi An is famous for the colorful lanterns that line its cobblestone streets and the boats that bob on the Thu Bon River. Hoi An has been producing lanterns for over 400 years; they are exported as a distinctive cultural product. Take gorgeous photographs of these multicolored wonders and purchase (or create) one to take home. There are numerous studios where you can create your personal memento in the form and silk of your choosing.


Listen to typical sounds


A second UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity is the traditional singing style of bai choi, which is performed as a game. Since it was created by the Vietnamese poet Đào Duy Từ, it has been frequently played at agricultural festivals in Quang Nam Province (1572–1634). According to legend, bai choi work songs allowed farmers to communicate between rice field watchtowers. During festivals, bamboo stilts were constructed to represent these towers as part of a complex amusement game involving cards, flags, music, poetry, and improvisation.


An ancient architecture


Appreciate the past of architecture? Visit the sights. These include the over 200-year-old Tan Ky House, a former merchant's residence that combines multiple architectural forms (constructed in 1741), the magnificent Fujian Assembly Hall, built in 1690, and the Japanese Covered Bridge Pagoda, erected in the 1590s.

To avoid the heat, one should enter a museum. There are approximately six museums in Hoi An that display numerous relics that tell the city's rich history. At the Museum of Folklore in Hoi An, visitors can view folk art and learn about village life in the past. During special ceremonies, rowing fishermen would sing ba dao melodies and perform thien cau folk dancing.

The one-hour drive to the My Son Sanctuary is well worth it for a morning or afternoon excursion. The Champa people constructed this fascinating cluster of red-brick temples and towers between the 4th and 13th centuries. Your guide will explain the rituals that once took place in this hallowed valley.


Dive into arts and crafts


If you enjoy hobbies, you will be spoiled for choice. Initially, this picture-perfect city is ideal for photography tours. The city's tailoring heritage dates back to the days when it was a lively trading port. Visit the tranquil Hoi An Silk Village to learn about the history of silk weaving.

Hoi An is surrounded by numerous craft villages where you can study carpentry, bronze casting, bamboo construction, weaving, and ceramics. Northern potters arrived here in the sixteenth century. At the Thanh Ha Pottery Village, which dates back centuries, you may observe pottery-making processes that have been passed down through the years.


Tour the river


As Hoi An is a river town, you should take a boat cruise to discover its beautiful surroundings. Typically, these are executed in spherical coracle basket coats. You could visit Bay Mau Coconut Forest, Tra Nhieu Nepa Palm Forest, or Cam Thanh Ecovillage. You will visit villages along the way to learn about fishing, cooking, and other traditional skills.


Watch a show


Want to see a show? You have multiple choices.

The world-famous Vietnamese Bamboo Circus is housed at the Hoi An Lune Center for the Performing Arts, a massive bamboo dome structure. Their performance is a lively, high-energy song-and-dance performance that incorporates bamboo props to tell the story of Vietnam.

At the Hoi An Traditional Art Performance House, you can hear provincial folk songs performed on ethnic instruments, as well as songs honoring the twelve countries with which Hoi An maintains diplomatic relations.

In the cultural theme park Hoi An Memories Land, 'Hoi An Memories' is a family-friendly spectacle. The extravaganza is held in an outdoor arena and features hundreds of performers, impressive lighting, and visuals to tell the emotional story of Hoi An's past.


Savor the tastes of the town


Food is a vital component of culture. Take strolling food excursions in Hoi An to experience regional specialties like Cao Lau noodles. Witness the creation of these noodles, as well as fish sauce, coffee, rice paper, and rice wine. There is an abundance of cooking classes for foodies. You may explore rice farms, fishing villages, and the Tra Que organic vegetable village outside of the city.


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